Can I get a Home Care Package?

How much and what type of government subsidised care you may be eligible for will depend on both your needs and your income.  My Aged Care is the Government service which allocates and manages subsidised care.  We can talk you through what you need to do and can support you through the process if you would like. Our Client Services team are available for a phone discussion on 03 9827 8899 or we can visit you in your home.

Step 1
Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 for a telephone discussion. They will ask you some simple questions about your circumstances

Step 2
My Aged Care will arrange for you to have a Care Assessment at home to identify what type and how much support you require. In Victoria this is carried out by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS). Remember that you get to choose who you want to provide your care services and you do not have to make a decision on the day you receive your ACAS assessment

Step 3
A financial income assessment is carried out by the Department of Human Services (DHS) or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). If you already receive a means-tested income support payment (eg the Aged Pension) they will already have all the information they require. If you don’t, you will need to complete the Aged Care Fees Income Assessment form

It is important to understand that once you are approved for a Home Care Package, you may still have to wait for an available package to be allocated to you. This is because the Government funds a certain number of Home Care Packages at any one time. This number increases from time to time. My Aged Care will tell you when you are allocated an available package. We can also provide you with private care services while you wait for a Home Care Package.

How do Home Care Packages work?