Having the conversation about in-home care

We all know home is where the heart is. So it makes perfect sense when our older family members want to carry on with life in the comfort and familiar surrounds of their own home.

Yet the thought of your parent, grandparent or another older relative living at home, maybe on their own, and struggling to complete common tasks such as housecleaning, personal grooming or managing their medication, can be daunting and even frightening.

Naturally, you don’t want to ‘put them in a home’…but are there any other reliable, safe and effective options?

Yes, there are!

In-home care can provide high-quality care and support to assist your relative to live happily and confidently at home. It can also help significantly ease the concerns of family members who are worried, anxious or stressed about their parent, grandparent or other older relative living independently.

Kicking off the early conversation

While broaching the subject of in-home care with an older relative can be tough for many of us, it’s an important discussion to have.

Initiating the conversation early before something goes wrong, such as a nasty fall or medical emergency, can make the world of difference to your family. Not only could accessing in-home care early, before you need it, prevent a mishap, it also has a range of advantages including the opportunity to build relationships with caregivers.

A great starting point is taking early steps with occasional care, such as housekeeping or meal preparation, at times when you may be extremely busy with work commitments or away on holidays. This enables your relative to become more comfortable with small changes to their routine, while they can also begin to develop a trusted relationship with their caregiver(s).

Knowing when you really need to consider in-home care and ways for bringing up the early conversation can help you cope with this family hurdle.

Can we help?
Absolute Care & Health provides a wide range of in-home care services to suit your family’s needs – whether you’re after occasional care, care for transition from hospital to home, ongoing care or total care.

Our services include tailored care, support and companionship from a trained, professional caregiver who can assist with transportation to appointments, household chores, meal preparation, hygiene and grooming, outings and errands, medication and wound management, and even nursing or complex care.

Find all the conversation-starters in our free eGuide

If having an early conversation about in-home care is on your ‘to do’ list, download our free eGuide. Featuring a checklist, tips and funding information it’s a handy resource that can help you navigate your family’s way to embracing all the incredible benefits in-home care has to offer. Download our guide here.