Activities for Homebound Individuals and Caregivers

Disability or old age are often the main reasons why people are stuck inside their homes. Their inability to move or even to meet their old friends and do what they do outside of their home could lead to several problems. Depression and loneliness are the most tragic effects. But it doesn’t have to be like this always. Although there could be moments when they could enjoy the breeze of the outside air and feel the sun shine on them once in awhile, they could still feel happier inside their homes. Even when they are mostly surrounded by familiar walls and doors, it is not impossible to find entertainment.

There are a few things that patients and their in home care workers could do. These are things that can help them enjoy the indoors more and help overcome feelings of loneliness and boredom. Modern technology can be the best assistance for these kinds of activities. Mix those with some familiar activities and staying at home may not be as bad as they would think.

Turn to Technology

Technology may not be a familiar territory for elder people, but it is easy to help someone learn how to use computers, phones and tablets. Being there and being patient with them could do the trick. They don’t have to know the intricate parts of using the computers; just the basics that can help them use the internet to connect to old friends via social media and sending email, or perhaps find some stories they like through Google and various sites. They could even write their own stories through simple software systems that can be found in a typical computer. Even computer games that are pre-installed such as solitaire and chess could help them kill some time. But once they know how to use the internet, they can be taught how to find crossword puzzles and other simple mind games to help keep their minds sharp.

Old Fashioned Games

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be computer day every day. Apart from online games, board and card games are still very much alive. It would be great to keep their cognitive functions working well, so puzzle games are always welcome. Have some traditional board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess or Checkers and the like. Several card games can be played through a normal deck of cards, but there are also special ones like Uno that can be fun.

Mind Games

Collections of Sudoku, Crossword puzzles and word searches are also available. Buying them one of these could instantly help them keep time ticking away without them feeling like they are doing nothing at all. Of course, keeping a collection of these board and card games will be better so there is a variety of activities they can do when they feel like it.

Gaming Consoles

Speaking of games, buying a console could actually be helpful for them; most especially Wii. Since Wii games often require upper body movement, it could help them be entertained while doing some physical activities.


Television is of course on the list. There are lots of movies during their time that can be found these days online or on DVD shops. They can bring back the days with some favorite classic movies or perhaps bring them to watch some modern-day flicks that you feel they would enjoy. It would also be a great bonding moment to watch it with them as this gives them the opportunity to talk about what they are watching and feel like they are interacting with people.


Lastly, reading books can help. It helps everyone of any age. Borrowing from the local library is a great option. If the elderly are not able to read anymore, audio books are available and can be downloaded easily onto devices like phones. They can simply listen and relax while still enjoying and keeping their minds and imaginations working well.

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