Thinking of Seeking an In Home Care Job?

Thinking of seeking an in home care job?

If you are naturally good with taking care of people, you may want to consider caring for aging Australians. As the Australian population grows older, you can expect a lot more career opportunities in this field.

Getting to the know the numbers in aged care

According to an ABS Labour Force Survey, the caregiving field will need more than 50,000 Aged and Disabled Carers until November 2019. This is expected to increase further as employment grows and as more carers leave the job. As of November 2014, there were only 141,000 carers. listed the aged care workers’ salary with five years of experience in Sydney as AU$31,000 to AU$55,000.

Another ABS Labour Force Survey conducted in 2014 also revealed that there were only a few aged care workers working full time, only 39.6 percent of the population. Those who do work full-time averaged 37.5 hours per week, which is lower than the average of 40.9 hours per week for all occupations. However, the full-time carers’ earnings are also below average. Unemployment in the field also turned up to be average.

How does one qualify as in-home aged care provider?

There are several educational paths one need may take to qualify for any of the available in home care jobs Melbourne or similar jobs anywhere in Australia. These include the following:

  • Certificate III in Aged Care. Looking after the elderly is a complex branch of health care, which needs special education. Getting a Certificate III in Aged Care could be your first step towards pursuing a career in this specific field of health care. It will surely come in handy, given the expected growth of employment opportunities in this area.
  • Certificate IV in Aged Care. Some of the elderly Australians may need in-home care. This meant the carer would have to perform their caregiving duties at the patient’s residence but under regular supervision following the organisaton’s set care plans. This coursework will teach you how to handle working in various facilities and in managing other aged care workers.
  • Certificate III in Disability. This is another field of healthcare that is expected to grow even bigger in the coming years. This coursework will teach you how to deal with patients with disability.
  • Certificate IV in Disability. This coursework is targeted to those who have basic experience in working with patients with disabilities or those who have earned their Certificate III in Disability. It will teach you some management skills to supervise other healthcare workers and run the facility.
  • Certificate III in Home & Community Care. This coursework will steer you towards the home and community care pathway. It will teach you about building client relationships and supervising others. This is an ideal program for those who want to take on supervisor or team leader positions.
  • Foundations in Aged Care. This coursework can help you prepare for Certificate IV in Aged Care. It has subjects that will help you deal with patients with dementia and elderly patients with emotional health problems.
  • Foundations in Home & Community Care. This course offers a more affordable route to completing the three prerequisite areas before getting admitted to a Certificate III in Home & Community Care course, which will in turn lead to Certificate IV. This is recommended to first time care providers looking for in home care jobs Melbourne.

As an aged care worker, you have to be prepared to keep in constant contact with your clients, visit them, organise transport and medical appointments, and update your healthcare knowledge with conferences. And the best pay off? The knowledge that you are making a direct improvement on your clients’ lives so they can live on their own despite their medical condition.