Safety Tips for In Home Care Workers

Infirmed or elderly people are often left with in home care workers. These are professionals in the industry of medical assistance and are there to help with array of chores that are related to taking care of aged persons who usually have medical conditions affecting their daily lives.

Sure enough, these people fulfilling in home care jobs in Melbourne have become a great and important part of the society. They are there to help families that have no one to turn to. They also usually do their work even during times when others are resting or having their vacations. But just like any other work, being an in home care worker could have its own hazards. When employed as an in home care worker, you always have to be ready for anything that may happen.

Common Hazards of In Home Care Jobs

The usual hazards of these kinds of jobs are over exhaustion, car accidents, biological hazards, pet accidents and even unsanitary conditions that could lead to certain conditions.


Over exhaustion is something that in home care workers often face. Since they are doing chores day in, day out and tend to work overtime as well, their bodies may collapse due to exhaustion. They could also feel a lot of body injuries especially back injuries. This could be prevented by at least having someone help you with lifting heavier patients and even heavier medical apparatuses that are required. Sharing the weight could help prevent exerting too much pressure on yourself to the verge of getting injuries. Having someone to take over some of the hard work from time to time can also allow you to relax and do lighter jobs. Having a schedule could help so each one can have time to rest.

Car Accidents

Another common hazard is  accidents. This could be on the road when they are heading to work or getting to and from a chore. These can be avoided by making sure you follow safety rules while in your car and on the road. Always pay attention to the road and even to other cars along the road. Be sure that you have checked your car and you are wearing your seatbelt. In case you are on a motorcycle, always wear safety gear and observe traffic rules well. Your safety should be your topmost priority when outside your work and even on your work.


Biological hazards are also common. These happen since in home care workers are often exposed to biological wastes and the like. Just keep in mind that you should always wear the right gear such as gloves, masks and even safety glasses during the times when you are most exposed to these biological hazards. Also, keep in mind to dispose of the materials used wisely to avoid any spreading of diseases around the home and surrounding environment.


Pet accidents are also normal. Most homes have pet animals such as dogs and cats, but others have more exotic ones such as snakes and spiders. This should be a reminder not just for the employees but also for home owners, keep pets restrained when a visit is happening. Always make sure that they are kept in a safe and secure place to help avoid endangering anyone.


Unsanitary conditions are also common. Some households are just not as sanitary as we would like and this could lead to several conditions like getting physically sick. For you and your patient, always be sure that the equipment are placed somewhere clean and dry, use a clean pad if you have to. Also implement the use of disinfectants if necessary.